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Remote trail camera W/O internet or network

Sat Feb 10, 2024 3:27 am

I work for a moderately sized property management company and we are having a huge issue in one area of our community that people take their dog to poop. We have a fully stocked dog cleanup station right there for people to use, problem being they just refuse to. I want to setup an raspberry pi trail camera kinda thing. I am just unsure where to start. the area it will be will have absolutely no internet access or network access.

The PI would have to run independently for 15 or so hours (it will be plugged into an outlet) When it detects motion I would like it to record 2 or 3 minutes of video until the next event and save it to the SD card. When it is time for my next shift I would like to bring my laptop to the location and have my PI automatically connect to my laptops hotspot where I can SSH into the PI and Download the videos onto my laptop for review.

I was looking at using MotionOS but that seems to not even be in development anymore. I also am not sure if MotionOS can record a set amount of time or even if you can use MotionOS without an internet connection.

Can anybody kind of point me in the right direction? I know basically nothing about programming outside of klipper configs for my 3D printers.

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