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RetroPie UAE4all

Wed Jun 12, 2013 6:32 pm

Hi guys,

I'm hoping this is a stupid question, because that'll make for an easy answer! I've been playing with RetroPie, and have been getting some pretty good results. The only real fly in the retro gaming soup is that currently I can't launch the Amiga emulator (UAE4all) from the emulation station menu. I've hacked around with the ES_Systems.cfg file, created it it's own menu and editted the passed command when executing to start the UAE4all launcher. I then placed a dummy ROM in there called "Launch UAE" for the player to select, with the intent being it would fire straight into the UAE menu from ES. Result? A black screen and a hung Pi every time I select it. The command I'm passing to launch UAE4 all is:


This command works from terminal.

So I have two questions:

1. Does anyone know why this is locking my Pi, and how to work around it?
2. If not (or maybe as well) I'd like to streamline the launching of uae4all games. Does anyone know if it possible pass parameters at the command line to automatically launch the emulator with a specified disk image loaded in DF0? None of the parameters I've found out there seem have any effect.

Thanks for your attention (and hopefuly help!).

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