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Hello everyone, new to this but i do have some very basic knowledge at coding .. very basic but can understand it well. Ok so i have a decent project that i need off the ground ASAP. Me and my business partner are creating a clean room here is a sketch of what we are trying to do. (basically a bms)
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We need to have a screen showing all the sensors monitoring the room as well as turn fan on, vary speed, open and close dampers.( i figured 2 pressure sensors to read the pressure in the room - as for the particle sensor(dust sensor) we need it to monitor particle of 1 micron and 5 micron, which it can read anything above 1 micron)
Relay board to open the dampers and give power to the fan motor
A board to send a 0-10v signal to the motor for varying speed( fan motor(ac 115v 3.0amp) is a EC-motor so it has wires to accept the signal and vary speed accordingly, it also has a tach. output which we want to use to A. verify the motor is running B. monitor the speed of the fan)
The 10" touchscreen will be outside the room to monitor and switch things on and off, the display inside is just to display the same screen but inside the room)
I can provide links to the sensors i was looking at and also specs on the fan motor and duct dampers. Also go in depth in what i need it to do (ie. cant turn fan on with dampers closed, warning when door is open, warning when pressure is getting low in the room etc.)
project2.png (30.9 KiB) Viewed 1597 times
Thank you so much, really need this off the ground asap.

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Re: NEED HELP AND CODING(will pay $$)

Thu May 19, 2016 7:25 am

Have you had any takers?

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