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RiscOS2 old hdd reading?

Sun Aug 23, 2015 6:17 pm


Want to backup my old data stored on a couple of archies. I have an A5000 but its battery started leaking, removed now but she is unstable and often does not boot and an A4000 working. Both have RiscOS3.1 roms fitted.

Using my old archies:
I can read the A5000 hdd in the A4000. I have purchased a 512MB CF card off ebay with StarTech IDE interface. Also a micro SD to CF converter. In Linux or Windows I can format both to FAT32. Figure I would try and get the old A4000 to use CF as slave IDE drive. It formats in RiscOS3.1, CF fails map writing but the SD completes OK, both verify OK however it always gives bad directory or something if I attempt to read them. !HForm is a very early version from app's 2 disc, like 2.16 or something like that.

Parameters I used was 1021cy, 16hd, 63sec, park 1020 for around 0.5GB storage.

Using my PI:
So, now I figure I'd put my A4000 IDE in a USB to IDE converter (80MB Conner or a like). Trouble is my PI RiscOS can't seem to read it over USB. On the A4000 I added it as IDE drive but even if I try SCSI under my PI it will not read. Put it back into my A4000 is works as before.

I have tried formatting an SD on the PI and then putting it in the SD to CF using the Startech IDE to CF but the old A4000 will not read. Says disc error messages.

So right now I have no way to get files off my old arch's and on to the PI.

Any suggestions since I've read a ton of stuff on the web and got nowhere so any help would be very much appreciated.



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Re: RiscOS2 old hdd reading?

Mon Aug 24, 2015 4:52 am

The problem is that the Pi will use USB devices as SCSIFS, not ADFS or IDEFS, or something else. One solution could be to find a way to use the disc formatted as FAT/FAT32 under the Archimedes.
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Re: RiscOS2 old hdd reading?

Mon Jan 11, 2016 7:46 pm

You should be able to use DOSFS to use the 512MB CF IDE drive as a FAT16 drive in your A4000. Then you just need to archive the files you wish to transfer (as you will likely be stuck with the 8/3 file name limits on the older DOSFS). So zip the files into zip files having a name of less than 8 char plus the /zip on the end (eg maxname1/zip).

Now you should be able to read the FAT16 drive in RISC OS Pi with no trouble, as there is DOSFS.

I hope that this helps.

If you are transferring programs, remember the issues with 26 bit addressing no longer being supported, as well as with all access needing to be 32-bit aligned on the ARM v7 (eg RPi 2).
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