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Fuel flow + temp sensor development project

Fri Sep 18, 2015 6:36 am


I'm a complete newby to the Raspberry Pi, although interested in electronics and IoT.

For a dedicated project, I'm looking for someone how can develop/build/test a complete board to read out temperature corrected fuel flowmeters. The data of the flow transmitter and the temperature transmitter, needs to be read in and send out over ethernet to a central industrial PC.

The basic system layout will be that we’re able to connect up to four individual flowmeters (with each one pulse transmitter & temperature sensors) to a hardware device and transfer the data by ethernet to a central PC where the data will be processed.

Type Omnipolar Hall Switch
Max. supply volts 24V (at 150°C)
Max. supply current 9 mA
Internal resistance 3,4 kOhm (1k2 serial, 2k2 pull-up)
Pulse output Active, pulse level depends on total circuit resistance*
Wire colour red (24 V sensor supply), black (gnd) , yellow (pulse)
The number of pulse depend on the size/type of the meter and do vary between 5 P/L up to 160 P/L

Type PT100
Temperature range as indicated on the instrument text plate
Wire colour Brown (PT100-1), Blue (PT100-2), White (PT100-sense)

The main question is, who can develop/build/test such a board based on the raspberry Pi?

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Re: Fuel flow + temp sensor development project

Mon Sep 21, 2015 8:12 pm

Industrial type fuel flow and temp sensor usually have 4-20mA output. Search for 4-20mA raspberry pi / arduino and you should be able to find solutions or circuit boards (shield) already made. Essentially for each sensor you would need an external power supply and an 250 Ohms precision resistor to convert 4-20mA to voltage and then you read in value using A/D converter.

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