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GPIO Audio Player issues

Sun Sep 18, 2016 3:14 pm

Hello forum!

I'm having some trouble getting my python based gpio audio player to run on boot. It's a short piece of that plays a single wave file to its end then waits for another button press to trigger it again.

It works perfectly fine in Idle3 in the GUI and also when I run via python in terminal.

Issue is, I want to run this via CRON on boot. When I call the program to run by setting it as an executable via chmod 755 etc, I get an error as follows:
pygame.error: Couldn't set hardware audio parameters: Success
The line in code is the usual:

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pygame.mixer.init(frequency=44100, size=16, channels=2, buffer=512)
which works perfectly fine when run in idle..

Full code as follows:

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#!/usr/bin/env python3

# Pi GPIO Music player Single file
# By Andrew
# 1st September 2016
# Version 1.0
# ____________________________Notes_________________________________
# 1 gpi pin triggers playback of one file in a single instance
# pressing another gpi pin to ground stops playback
# player waits for pin 1 to go low and will only trigger once until
# completion.
# __________________________________________________________________
# Imports

from gpiozero import Button
from signal import pause
import pygame.mixer
pygame.mixer.pre_init(44100, 16, 2, 512)
from pygame.mixer import Sound
global busyCh

# Setup
def setup():
    global button
    global button2
    button = Button(2)# Define button 1
    button2 = Button(3) # Define button 2
    busyCh = 0'files/1.wav') #load the file # Set the volume. 1.0 distorts

# Loop
def loop():
#   print("main loop")
    button.when_pressed = onPress

def onPress():
    if busyCh==0:
        print("playing file")

# Main    
while True:
    busyCh =
#    print(busyCh)
    button2.when_pressed =
    if busyCh==0:
Crontab just runs a simple script on boot which in turn runs the python program after a chmod so getting it right seems to be the key.

I also have a related issue of which the above is a step in the process of an attempted fix. I did get the above to run by removing the parameters of mixer.init which I assume is putting in a lengthy buffer. This produces a working program but every few button presses, the file doesn't play and it also takes a bit of time for the file to start playing. The file needs to play almost immediately after the button press as it will be tied in with other automation from a separate system.

Many thanks for any tips / advice. I'm quite new to python so if there's any better methods, I'm very open to suggestion.

All my project needs to do is play a file once on its own and wait for another button press to make it go again.

All the best.

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