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5 x Sensor HX711

Thu Apr 05, 2018 8:57 am

hi, is possible to connect 5 x HX711 to Raspberry Pi 3 and make it work?

shud i expect any trouble problem
do You have any suggestion ?

thanx best emil

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Re: 5 x Sensor HX711

Thu Apr 05, 2018 6:11 pm

From looking at this code, I'd say it is quite possible: ... the-HX711/

Why need 5 A/D converters when one could multiplex the inputs to a single A/D?
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Re: 5 x Sensor HX711

Thu Apr 05, 2018 8:02 pm

Initially I thought it would be okay. Now I'm fairly sure you will not be able to reliably talk to more than one.

The HX711 has some odd features, one of the being that the clock must not be asserted for more than 60 microseconds. It's impossible to guarantee that using standard C/Python read/write GPIO calls. That's why reading just one HX711 is not particularly easy, reading more than one will be tricky.

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