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RasPi Touch for Photo Backup while Traveling

Tue Jul 23, 2019 3:51 pm

Dear RasPi friends,

I am currently traveling in South America, and right now, for backing up the Photos of my Camera I have to use a OTG SD Card Reader, copy the Photos to my internal Smartphone storage, and from there copy the Photos to a Backup SD card, and copy them as well to my "Upload Smartphone" (cheap Nokia 1), which can stay in the Hotel during the day to upload the Photos via Wi-Fi to my Nextcloud instance. This always takes some time (OTG and write to SD cards are not that fast, limited internal storage requieres copying in multiple batches, etc.).

For my next journey, use a RasPi 3 something. Use a small USB Stick (16GB) as Boot Drive for Raspbian OS, use a mSATA Adapter Module and a mSATA SSD (128GB+) as internal storage, leave the SD card slot free. Add a small touch screen (I think the ones I found were around 3") to have it as compact as possible.
Write a small application (??) for the touch screen (fullscreen on start) which basically has buttons for:
- Connect/Disconnect to/from Hotel WiFi (with entering passphrase)
- Start/Pause/Stop Copy Photos from SD card slot (Camera SD card) to internal storage (SSD) (basically initiate/signaling to rsync script)
- Start/Pause/Stop Upload Photos to Server (basically initiate/signaling to rsync script)
- Unmount SD Card
- Properly Shutdown RasPi

1) Is it possible to combine an mSATA Adapter Module with a Touch Screen? Which modules can you recommend?
2) Is there a case which fits the above?
3) Is there any starting point on how to write a fullscreen touch application for the Raspbian OS?
4) Can the SD card slot be used hot plug (insert/remove SD card while running)?
5) Any other sugestion?

Many thanks for your help,

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