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Bounty to get SFML-PI and thus attractmode working outside X using KMS / DRM

Sun May 10, 2020 3:35 pm


I've seen a few people porting Opengl (/es) code to make use of KMS / DRM so that the binaries can run outside X on a raspberry pi 4.

A lot of people want to be able to do this for the attract mode frontend on raspberry pi 4 so it can be used instead of emulationstation on retropie (or alongside it).

attract mode uses the SFML library and there has been made a fork sfml-pi for the rasberry pi to be used with it. Currently this work still references BCM*host library to create an (E)GL context but that does not work with raspberry pi 4 (but does work for older pi's to run it outside X). On raspberry pi 4 we should use mesa driver and KMS / DRM to make it work outside X as far as i understand.

So i have created a bounty on bountysource to add support for FKMS / DRM to the sfml-pi library so we can use it to build attractmode with this forked lib and be able to finally have a working version outside X

I already added 50$ to the pot and maybe others will follow (someone already added 15$ so the bounty is at 65$ currently)

attractmode should be able to be run outside x on a rpi4 when compiled with the lib in order for this issue to be solved.

From what i can see on the sfml-pi fork the code situated related to rpi is here ... Window/RPi but currently as said using bcm host / old drivers, my guess is code should be changed there as well as perhaps on another place to for working with the gbm surfaces. (not sure of this but after doing the swap thingie)

i think attractmode can be compiled to work with GLES (USE_GLES=1 and using GL (i think) leaving out USE_GLES=1) SFML-PI also uses a define SFML_RPI to indicate the changes to be build.

I can't do it myselve hence the bounty to get things moving and someone is willing to pick up the issue

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