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Posted: Sat Jan 12, 2013 3:18 pm
by welshy
Having been been frequently asked about games that play “Fullspeed”* on AdvMAME#, below is listing! As you may or may not know, as MAME evolves the ROM file required changes, to this end I have included the MAME File Code AND the Revision required. Also I have stated if SAMPLE Files are required (Download these and put them in the “sample” folder). This is NOT a conclusive list (ALL Games), just some of my favourites! Many others play acceptably, or have issues/glitches (Gauntlet, Star Wars, Street Fighter II, Strider etc), but for now I have exempted them.

*By “Fullspeed” This DOES NOT denote “PERFECT” constant 60 FPS (Frame Skipping is turned ON), however, you will NEVER get that with MAME (Even with VERY POWERFULL Hardware), due to the nature of the Emulator, but signifies it is, for all intensive purposes, UNDETECTABLE!

#RPi OverClocked to 900MHz (Obviously if your RPi is under/over this Clock Speed Performance will differ!)

1942, 1942, set 1, No
1943, 1943, US, No
Amidar, amidar, N/A, No
Asteroids, asteroid, rev 2, No
Astro Blaster, astrob, rev 3, Yes
Bank Panic, bankp, N/A, No
Berzerk, berserk, set 1, Yes
Bomb Jack, bombjack, set 1, No
Burger Time, btime, Data East Set 1, No
Buck Rogers, buckrog, N/A, Yes
Black Widow, bwidow, N/A, No
Centipede, centipede, rev 3, No
Circus Charlie, circus, Selectable Level Set 1, No
Commando, commando, World, No
Defender, defender, Red Label, No
Dig Dug, digdug, rev 2, No
Donkey Kong, dkong, US set 1, Yes
Final Fight, ffight, World, No
Forgotten Worlds, forgotten, US, No
Frogger, frogger, N/A, No
Galaxian, galaxian, Namco set 1, No
Ghouls and Ghosts, ghouls, World, No
Ghosts and Goblins, gng, World set 1, No
Gorf, gorf, N/A, Yes
Gunsmoke, gunsmoke, World, No
Hyper Sports, hyperspt, N/A, No
I-Robot, irobot, N/A, No
Joust, joust, White/Green Label, No
Jungle King, jungle, Japan, No
Juno First, junofrst, N/A, No
Karate Champ, kchamp, US, No
Kung Fu Master, kungfum, N/A, No
Missile Command, missile, set 1, No
Moon Cresta, mooncrst, Nichibutsu, No
Mr Do, mrdo, N/A, No
Mr Do’s Castle, docastle, set 1, No
Pac-Land, pacland, set 1, No
Pengo, pengo, set 1 rev C, No
Pole Position, polepos, N/A, Yes
Popeye, popeye, revision D, No
Puck Man, puckman, Japan set 1, No
Punch Out, punchout, N/A, No
Q*Bert, qbert, US set 1, Yes
Rainbow Islands, rainbow, new version, No
Robotron 2084, robotron, Solid Blue Label, No
Scramble, scramble, N/A, No
Sinistar, sinister, revision 3, No
Super Punch Out, spnchout, N/A, No
Stargate, stargate, N/A, No
Tapper, tapper, Budweiser, No
Time Pilot, timeplt, N/A, No
Track and Field, trackfld, N/A, No
Zaxxon, zaxxon, set 1, Yes

If you have yet to use/compile AdvMAME see My “Guide” Here -


There is also additional musings on ROM selection, Settings etc

NB! Additional - If you are using Image 2012-12-16-wheezy-raspbian, you MUST uninstall the Pulse Audio Drivers! (Default Sound Drivers in this version of Raspbian (Don’t worry, it will revert to ALSA!). Neither I nor any user who has posted on this issue has YET to receive a reply/explanation of WHY this was done (The Standard Sound Drivers for Linux are ALSA, OSS and SDL). As I have posted before, (In response to a Moderator who got angry at one of my posts relating to the lack of “Usable” GPU Drivers), why “Perfect” Drivers NO BODY uses for a supposedly “Open Source” System? To compound the issue, it DIDN’T even state this in a “Changes” Document (There ISN’T one!) on the Downloads Page! (Or on the Linux Distro WebPage!)

Anyways, Mini Rant Over! To remove Pulse Audio, open a Terminal and Type -
sudo apt-get --yes purge pulseaudio


Posted: Sat Jun 01, 2013 4:10 pm
by Sonny_Jim