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IS2 sound to USB/ALSA?

Mon Jun 14, 2021 11:18 am

I'm building an arcade machine with a Pi-top 1 as screen and an Raspberry pi 3A+. I Have installed RetroPie, and made MakeCode Arcade a part of it (you can open MakeCode Arcade games in RetroPie).

I attached a usb zero delay encoder to it, and all works fine except for the sound.

Makecode arcade apparently needs USB ALSA sound or the games wont work at all (they crash). So the simplest would be to get an USB sound card. But then I also have to buy a hub, since the Raspberry Pi 3 A+ only have one USB port. (MakeCode Arcade only support Zero and 3A+).

I also happen to have a bunch of Pit-op speekersv2 wich use I2S Audio through GPIOs 18, 19, 21.

I'm not so good at workarounds, so I wonder if anyone knows if there is any way at all I could use the Pi-top speakers, and somehow still get USB/ALSA out? Is there anyway to get USB/ALSA without USB?

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