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Starting Programming with Python/Thonny and Minecraft Pi

Thu Feb 03, 2022 10:54 am

In honour of the apparent removal of Minecraft Pi from Bullseye...

The zip file holds 7 intro-to-Python tutorials. Aimed at ages of very roughly 8 to 80. Previous programming experience is welcomed but not assumed.

Thonny's Simple Mode is used throughout (and was used to write all the tutorials). Users are encouraged to copy-paste-run code fragments and longer programs in the Shell as well as undertake some coding themselves. This minimises the Typing/Syntax Barrier for less experienced programmers.

As a consequence of this approach, working code examples are able to range more widely; from simple assignment to demonstrating interface construction using tkinter.

There's even a bit of multi-threading.

Code is commented for those who want to know more.

Tutorials 1 and 6 have been reformatted from original versions which used a larger font size. Feel free to reinstate this, if needed.

Please adapt these to your needs / programming prejudices ;)

Tutorial 1 - Introduction
Tutorial 2 - Hello Minecraft.
Tutorial 3 - Pythontology.
Tutorial 4 - Block Party.
Tutorial 5 - Rainbow Trees.
Tutorial 6 - Skywriter.
Tutorial 7 - The Tower.

A few screenshots are shown below.

Big thank you to Joseph Reynolds who wrote the SearchBlock Class and various fastGet functions and uploaded them to His work saved me a lot of time.

=======================DOWNLOAD INFO==============================

The zip file is too large to upload to this forum, so copy/paste the following link into a new browser tab or window in order to download from Google Drive: ... sp=sharing

Save to a folder of your choice, right-click on the file and select Extract All.

Contents of

Filename File size (kB)
Tutorial01 - 25
Tutorial02 - Hello 31
Tutorial03 - 65
Tutorial04 - Block 47
Tutorial05 - Rainbow 13
Tutorial06 - 22
Tutorial07 - The 22
bipyramid.gif 458
bounce.gif 302
cubes.gif 442
gears.gif 404
hedra.gif 514
hoop.gif 312
sphere.gif 407
stars.gif 548
Editor560.png 121
OptionsPanel560.png 80
RegularMode560.png 117
Shell560.png 98
Toolbar560.png 84
ToolbarSwitch560.png 85
ToolsMenu560.png 58
Backups Folder (contains duplicates of all these files)

The GIFs and PNGs are used in Tutorials 1 and 6. Originally these two tutorials were formatted differently; the same information was spread across more tabbed "pages" which is why there are unused gif files.

Once again, thanks to Joseph Reynolds for sharing his SearchBlock Class and fastGet functions.
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