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I have an R5 Scheme that runs on the Raspberry Pi 400

Wed Feb 08, 2023 8:08 am

I have a fairly complete freeware implementation of the "R5" version of the Scheme programming language, that runs on the Raspberry Pi 400 and quite likely on other 64-bit versions of the Pi. The spinoff project is called "Weasel Scheme", and it runs in a terminal shell. If anyone is interested in trying it out, or otherwise playing with it, get in touch with me here.

This project is a spinoff from a much larger Scheme project for MacOS that I have been supporting for years; namely, "Wraith Scheme" (google it, possibly with my name -- Jay Freeman -- also in the search window), which requires MacOS and Xcode to build. Thus I can't post buildable Linux source in, e.g., a GitHub repository. Notwithstanding, I can get you a compiled executable and probably more source code than anyone but me would care to look at, and also plenty of documentation. If enough people here are interested, I will put things together in a more easily accessible form.

Edit added: I forgot to say, that Weasel Scheme presently has at least limited access to the Pi's GPIO pins -- it can use them to read and write logic levels. More capability likely in the future, and you can also use non-Weasel-Scheme stuff to set up the GPIO pins however you like, so that Weasel Scheme can then read and write them.

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