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Yocto Mickledore not creating a full image

Sun Oct 01, 2023 5:03 pm

I'm trying to image a CM4 module with a fresh Yocto build. When I use Dunfell, the boot screen informs me that I need a newer kernel. So I tried to build Mickledore, but after using bmaptools to copy the image into the CM4 module, I noticed that the / folder was strangely bare - it's missing folders such as /root and /home, and the /etc and /usr folders are missing a large number of files and subfolders. When I attempt to boot, CM4 module doesn't get far - screen goes black.

I used the process described in ... 1adb799652, but replaced "dunfell" with "mickledore". Everything built without failure and I have a core-image-base-raspberrypi4-64-2023xxxxxx.rootfs.wic.bz2 file. The one deviation from the process was to use MACHINE ?= "raspberrypi4-64" in the local.conf.

Just wondering if anyone was able to get the mickledore to build completely?

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