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Orca or similar with Raspberry Pi OS Lite

Wed Nov 29, 2023 2:20 pm

Hello everyone,

First time poster here; pretty much new to Linux as well.

I’m interested in becoming more conversant with Linux, and studying to become LPI (Linux Professional Institute) certified. Seems like a fun thing to learn, and no harm in having such professional certifications.

I have three Raspberry Pis, two of which are currently not doing anything. I thought I could use my RPI 400 to study the materials from LPI, carry out the guided exercises etc.

I am registered blind, so generally need to use a screen-reader when accessing technology.

As I understand it, Raspberry Pi OS does support the Orca screen-reader via a keyboard shortcut. However, I reckon I would only need the Lite version of the OS, as the study materials and exercises seem to be geared towards Terminal use.

Does anyone know if the Control+Alt+Spacebar key combination can be used to install and enable Orca in Raspberry Pi OS Lite? If not, is there a similar screen-reader which I could use?

I am open to any suggestions — perhaps I’m approaching this from the wrong angle?

Would really appreciate any advice.


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