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GPIO Ribbon cable and socket

Wed Apr 24, 2013 10:08 pm

Good evening,

Can anyone tell me the correct term or better still the RS part number for the ribbon cable used to connect the RPi GPIO pins to a breakout PCB and the name/part number of the corresponding socket to solder on to said PCB.

My prototype is built on to a breadboard using Adafruits cobbler but now its time to solder it all up.

Is the GPIO pin layout the same on RPi version A and B?



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Re: GPIO Ribbon cable and socket

Wed Apr 24, 2013 10:52 pm

Often they are referred to as 26 way IDC socket and header (0.1 inch pitch distance between centres of pins). Oh dont forget to get 26 way cable as well and have a suitable vice available to make the cable.

There is no one part number at RS/Farnell or others as
  • There are MANY manufacturers of these
  • There are many variants - sockets with or without strain relief, centre bump or coded polarisation.
    I suggest you go for with strain relief and centre bump.
  • Too many variants - headers boxed or unboxed (pins only), centre bump or no centre bump or coded polarisiation, what height, what PCB pin length, what orientation vertical/right angle.
    Go for matching polarisation
  • Too many variations - how much gold on the connectors you are willing to pay for.
The GPIO pinout is the same on Model A and B (Rev 2)
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Re: GPIO Ribbon cable and socket

Thu Apr 25, 2013 5:24 am

Some places also call them 2x13 Pin connectors. You can also cut down an old PC cable such as used for floppy disks (if anyone still has those lying around)

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Re: GPIO Ribbon cable and socket

Thu Apr 25, 2013 4:30 pm

Here are the parts I used in the US for transferring my breadboard to a circuit board. I see that the connector is available at RS in the UK, but not the cable, but anyway, maybe the description will help you. Note that there are many variations of the connector available (Short/Long pins, Walls/Some Walls, Right angle/Straight, Long/Short/No ejectors, type of gold plating, etc.).

Header for circuit board to connect to pi GPIO
3M 3000 series .100” x .100” Latch/Ejector Header, Four Wall
Straight type, Solder Tail, Short ejector, 26 Position 30u gold plated, 1.75 Amp rated – all contacts powered (5 Amp 1 contact powered, 3 amp 6 contacts powered)
Mates with Socket Series CHG, 8500, 3000 and 891
Military and centerbumb polarization
3M part # = N3429-6202RB
Mouser Part # 517-N3429-6202RB
Price 3.22 (Quantity 1)

Cable for connecting circuit board to pi GPIO
3M .100” 26 pin socket to socket 6” molded flat ribbon cable assemblies
NOTE: 6” total tip to tip including connector
Mate with standard .100 x .100 headers and plugs, and latch eject headers
30V rated
28 AWG stranded, No center bump, No marking, up -up orientation
Low profile for military polarization sockets
3M part # = 1M-1010-026-3365-006.0-00-AB-00-0
Mouser Part # 517-1M-1010-026-6
price 5.33 (Quantity of 1)
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Re: GPIO Ribbon cable and socket

Thu May 09, 2013 12:18 pm

Try searching on ebay for
Raspberry Pi breakout cable
expect to pay around £5.99 for a cable with 26-way socket for the Pi and 2 DIL plugs on the other end.
These will connect up with standard 10-way and 16-way DIL sockets instead of the wider cobbler footprint
here is a link to one ... 1c2f44f6d3

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