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Edis free Colo 1 year on...

Wed Oct 01, 2014 8:11 pm

About this time last year I brought a brand new model b v2 and a 128gb USB flash drive. I did this with the sole intention of hosting it somewhere as a btsync or owncloud node.

EDI's were offering free Colo at the time so I applied and was lucky to get an account and shipped my pi off to Austria.

After having an Austrian pi for a year I can now say it is well worth it. The bandwidth is good and I have never been told I have used too much (although I'm sure I most have). Only once did I have to ask EDI's to go give it a kick. I have had uptime of well of 6 months at one point.

I found that using owncloud was too resource hungry and just stcuk to btsync and an ftp server to sync/host my files.

Considering I paid £10 per month for Dropbox for similar amounts of storage it has been well worth the initial outlay.

I'm glad I still have my Austrian pi and it will stay there as long as EDI's allow even if they introduce a small charge.

I have no idea how they can offer this service for free.

Does anyone else have any pi Colo experiences to share.

I had considered it would be a good idea to rent 4 u's of rack space to do a coop low cost Colo and may do in the future if Edis stop offering free holidays for Pi's.

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Re: Edis free Colo 1 year on...

Wed Dec 14, 2016 1:50 pm

In Case anyone is interested I am still using this pi at Edis 4 years on and still going strong.

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